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Meridianus Nexion

December 14, 2010

In the article Satanism in New Zealand – Part 2 I questioned whether the Meridanus Nexion website was genuinely an Order of Nine Angles affiliate:

The Meridianus Nexion page contains no contact details and only 3 brief articles. It is difficult to know if this is genuinely Order of Nine Angles material or members, as some of the articles appear to almost mock ideas promoted by the ONA.

Recently I discovered a new Order of Nine Angles website at I have no idea if this website is genuine, although there is nothing to suggest it isn’t. In the right-hand column of the page, under Nexions, it lists “Meridianus (New Zealand) and links to the Meridianus Nexion website. So it appears that this may be a genuine, functioning Order of Nine Angles nexion in New Zealand.

If you have any information regarding Meridianus Nexion, please contact me.


The ONA and the OLHP

February 20, 2009

Recently, the ONA published a brief commentary on one of our esteemed Brother W. R. van Leeuwen (aka Roel van Leeuwen, aka Son of Bing, aka The Fabricator, aka the Father of Lies). It is worth reading as background to the fabrications that Roeltje made in his final submitted thesis, ‘Dreamers of the Dark’ – the one which earned him ‘merit’ and a Masters Degree at the University of Waikato. The article is entitled The ONA and the OLHP. Good luck with your reputation Roeltje, we all hope that the media and your peers understand that fabrication of research and out-and-out lying is an important part of the standards set by the University of Waikato and its employees and students. Well, at least you’ll get a regular spot posting anti-Bolton rhetoric over at Fightdemback!

The Heresy of The Left Hand Path

November 19, 2008

For those wondering if it is correct that R. Parker was linked with the ONA rather than the OLHP/OSV/ODF (as intimated by Roel van Leeuwen) I noticed that Dark Imperium has posted the article with the additional information as to its source:

“This article first appeared in Azoth, a private Order of Nine Angles journal, in late 1990 ev, and was reprinted (with some minor typos) in issue #6 of The Watcher, dated February 1991CE.” The Heresy of The Left Hand Path

Nice and convenient timing by Dark Imperium. Thank you.


Satan in Cyberspace

November 1, 2008

During my research on Satanism I came across an article entitled ‘Satan in Cyberspace: A Study of Satanism on the Internet in the 1990’s‘ by Roald E. Kristiansen, Ph.D. It is heavily referenced, although unfortunately some of the online references are no longer active. However, there is enough information contained herein to contrast with Roel van Leeuwen’s thesis ‘Dreamers of the Dark’. As this article was written by someone with a Ph.D. it may be argued that his understandings and insights will be at least as good as van Leeuwen’s, and in theory should actually be “better” given that he has had to produce a dissertation at Doctorate level, not a mere Masters.

I recommend reading the article in it’s entirety, however here are a few snippets relevant to Roel van Leeuwen’s claims.

The Handbook for Chaplains of the U.S. Army gives the historical roots of the Church of Satan as follows:

The Church of Satan is an eclectic body that traces its origin to many sources – classical voodoo, the Hell-Fire Club of eighteenth century England, the ritual magic of Aleister Crowley, and the Black Order of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. It departs from its predecessors by (1) its organization into a church, and (2) the openness of its magical endeavors.

Note the German connection with a “Black Order” – compare this with The Black Order in question in ‘Dreamers of the Dark’.

Peter H. Gilmore who has been both a priest in the Church and its media representative, has created the Cyberspace material on the Church of Satan. Gilmore gives a very precise description of contemporary Satanism as follows:

a brutal religion of elitism and social Darwinism that seeks to re-establish the reign of the able over the idiotic, of swift justice over injustice, and for a wholesale rejection of egalitarianism as a myth that has crippled the advancement of the human species for the last two thousand years.

This doesn’t sound like a particularly Libertarian/Objectivist approach to Satanism.

The description has religious, ethical, ideological and political connotations. Satanism is called a religion, which implies that it includes a certain belief system and a set of normative values. Its ethics emphasizes justice, but in the context of denying equal rights for all. Instead of accepting a detailed list of rules of behavior, satanists affirm the need to set up a political system of elitism, which shall promote social Darwinism as the normative ideology.

Okay, so is the “normative Satanism” of Roel van Leeuwen one that is Libertarian/Objectivistic or one which is elitist and promotes Social Darwinism?

International Satanic organizations recommended by The Church of Satan are The Order of the Left Hand Path (European and New Zealand), The Order of Nine Angels (England), and The Fraternity of Baelder (England).

Ok, so this is one reference to the Fraternity of Balder being Satanic (but nothing to mention it being openly neo-Nazi). If this quote is true (the referenced website no longer exists) then the Church of Satan (supposedly “normative”) recommended three “neo-Nazi” Satanist groups, by Roel van Leeuwen’s typology). Again I ask, what is “Normative Satanism”?

The whole point in most Satanists’ minds, are the rebellion against traditional religions, ideologies and morality. As stated in the New Zealand Satanist journal, The Watcher,

Satan and the Watchers are thus symbols of rebellion against tyrannical god and moral concepts, which stifle human ascent. We take our stand on the side of rebellion leading to liberation from slave religions, moralities and ideologies, the chief one being in the West at this time Judaeo-Christianity, with Marxism and the Puritan money ethic (ideological liberalism) being excrescences of this heritage. It is very easy to criticize Satanism for their lack of ethical norms, but the problem with such criticism is that it merely proves the point which Satanists want to make: that traditional morality is a remnant of the Judeo-Christian tradition that needs to be done away with. Ethics and morality is simply not a concern for Satanists of any “denomination,” and so to charge Satanists for their lack of moral standing is at best a waste of time.

So if Satanism in general has a lack of “ethical norms” what exactly is “normative Satanism”? Note the usage of the quote from The Watcher. Nothing particularly “neo-Nazi” there, but one showing an oppositional approach – one of being an accuser, and in that sense a “Satanist”.

With regard to the CoS, the “danger” becomes acute due to this group’s embrace of social-Darwinist ideals in which they envision a society that has rejected the principle of equality among persons, discarded all social security systems, and envisages the introduction of an elite police force to secure a strict enforcement of the Lex Talionis.

If this is indicative of Libertarianism and Objectivism then I fail to see how it is much different that the common conception of Fascism and National Socialism. I am sure that Roel van Leeuwen would no doubt proclaim: “undoubtedly the degree was awarded ‘in recognition of life experience’ and in conjunction with the presentation of a single paper to a ‘prestigious, non-accredited university’.” Otherwise there is a big question of the presentation of Satanism as either “normative” (essentially Libertarian) or neo-Nazi.

It is increasingly clear that while the Church of Satan may not be neo-Nazi or Fascist per se, they certainly presented political ideologies that are diametrically opposed to Liberterianism and Anarchism, and which many people would see as Nazi or Fascist through the elitism, Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism.

Roel van Leeuwen’s Thesis Proposal Examined

October 29, 2008

Overall the proposal actually suggests a promising thesis which would include am examination of “[Kerry] Bolton’s writings and construct from them a concise and critical understanding of what they are, what he stands for and the implications are – both politically and within a larger neo-Pagan context.” Contrary to other parts of the proposal this suggests that capability of conducting unbiased research into the subject matter.

I will focus on several points of the proposal which seem to be at odds with my own research, or which seem bizarre (to me) and have carried through to the actual thesis.

It looks fairly certain that Roel van Leeuwen has willfully set about constructing a thesis around a belief that Kerry Bolton is a neo-Nazi and Satanist, perhaps with the support and encouragement of his supervisors Dov Bing and Marg Coldham-Fussell. The the proposal clearly states that “Kerry Bolton is one of New Zealand’s most high profile neo-Nazis as well as being highly active in the equally underground Satanic and volkisch neo-Pagan movement.”

The statement talks about Mr Bolton as though the thesis will explore present day activities, whereas Roel van Leeuwen’s own timeline in his thesis shows Bolton resigned from the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi circa 1996. One must wonder where he got his information on Kerry Bolton being a “high profile neo-Nazi” and “highly active in the … Satanic … movement.” Could this have been spoon-fed to him by Dennis Green, who Roel van Leeuwen credits with being the one who “planted the seed from which this thesis grew”? Or perhaps he hadn’t actually done any preliminary research, which is generally a prerequisite for a thesis proposal.

Even the much maligned Wikipedia only refers to Kerry Bolton as “a far-right activist in New Zealand. He has been involved in many organisations and has written publications focused around politics and on his interest in metaphysics, religion, and the occult.” It would seem that the Wikipedia article actually tries to make Mr Bolton out to be a Fascist rather than a neo-Nazi (I’m sure most political science professors would have an opinion on whether Fascism is the same as National Socialism – Dov Bing, your thoughts?).

Roel van Leeuwen wrote: “This thesis intends to examine the content of Bolton’s conception of neo-Paganism as an articulation of neo-Nazi philosophy.” This would also seem to confirm that Roel van Leeuwen had already decided that Kerry Bolton was articulating neo-Nazi philosophy.

It would appear that the original title of the thesis was “Neo-Pagan Religious Inspirations in Far Right and Neo-Nazi Politics.” Nothing personal there about Kerry Bolton, or the claim of a Satanic neo-Nazi synthesis (perhaps the use “synthesis” was an academic euphemism for “conspiracy” – after all in the dedicatation of the thesis Roel van Leeuwen writes of a “nightmare” these people supposedly wished to recreate, which sounds quite conspiratorial.

Roel van Leeuwen states that “[w]ithin the last 15 years or so there has been a marked rise in the numbers of neo-Pagans adhering to far right and neo-Nazi political views.” However, is this true? What prior research had Roel van Leeuwen undertaken to establish this fact. It appears to be an accepted fact (perhaps a “fact” given to him by Dennis Green, Dov Bing, or Marg Coldham-Fussell). However, as Roel van Leeuwen’s own thesis states, there has been a marked increase in the number of neo-Pagans, so it is worth raising the question as to whether the percentage of “Right-wing” neo-Pagans has increased, stayed the same, or decreased? It would be expected that this claim would be elaborated and demonstrated in the actual thesis.

Roel van Leeuwen begins reducing political ideologies by stating: “While the far right and neo-Nazism are not the same thing when examined in detail, there is enough of a correlation in the primary units of belief upon which religious views impact (nationalism, racism, persecution, apocalytic/mellennial expectations) to group them together as one entity for purposes of this thesis.” While this is not overly problematic if they are grouped using an umbrella term (such a “far right”) specifically labelling them all as Nazi or neo-Nazi begins to take on a different focus and from an academic position I don’t believe it is a good idea. Compare this with the stated way of deciding if something is neo-Nazi, where Roel van Leeuwen writes of a “pragmatic ‘if it looks like a Nazi and it smells like a Nazi then it must be a Nazi’.”

What is intriguing is that Roel van Leeuwen actually proposed to interview two or three of the more active identities in the “local scene”. This sounds like good research, however it is notably absent from the final thesis. It has to be asked, was “ethic committee” approval denied, or was he advised against conducting such research by his supervisors? Either way, why was there no effort to conduct interviews? The thesis introduction also states that it was no possible to interview former members of “the Order” – why not?

Generally speaking, in the production of a thesis proposal a certain amount of prior research would seem prudent. However Roel van Leeuwen writes of “the ‘Order of Nine Angles'[sic], one of the groups under study and present in New Zealand, advocates the ‘culling’ of undesirable elements of society (minorities, intellectually, physically and emotionally disabled etc) by means of human sacrifice to the gods of the Order.” This would indicate Roel had apparently done such research; However my research has failed to find reference to the Order of Nine Angles promoting culling of the listed groups of people, and I have to wonder if this “insider knowledge” the Roel van Leeuwen had from personal involvement in the Order of Nine Angles?

Some quotes from Order of Nine Angles documents that exist in various collections on publicly available websites:

Culling (A Guide To Sacrifice II)

“As has been written – opfers are human culling in action. That is, Satanic sacrifice makes a contribution to improving the human stock: removing the worthless, the weak, the diseased (in terms of character).”

“The choosing of specific opfers depends on three things: (1) Satanic judgement; (2) and insight into and knowledge of Aeonics and the sinister dialectic; (3) the means for undertaking the act without compromising the individuals involvled are available. Generally, it is the duty of a Master or Mistress to select opfers, althought any Satanist from novice upwards, can suggest suitable targets, in which case the Master or Mistress, after due consideration, will give judgement as to the suitability of the target.”

“The suitability of the victim is decided by a Master or Mistress, and once confirmed, the victim or victims are subject to tests (qv. ‘Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers’ MS). Often, the Master or Mistress arranges to meet to victim or victims ‘accidentally’ and so can judge them on a personal level.”

“Opfers are not chosen at random …”

Examples of “suitable” sacrifices are given. None seem to be “minorities, intellectually, physically and emotionally disabled etc”

Baphoment & Opfer

Details the sacrific of a willing individual, a man, who “was man an honourary Priest … and there was a joining between him and one or more women, as Priestesses. … At the ceremony itself, the head of the opfer was severed and displayed…”


The description of elements of human sacrifice by someone claiming that they had tried a ritual of sacrifice “before [they] assumed [their] role as heir.” (possibly Anton Long or another Grand Master of the Order of Nine Angles?). It is concluded with “wars are the ultimate sacrificial rites, and it [is] no coincidence that sometimes the sinister dialectic has aided these, and occassionally brought them about.”

Again, no claims of deliberate targetting of “minorities, intellectually, physically and emotionally disabled etc”

Victims – A Sinister Exposé

“It should be understood that all acts undertaken by a Satanic novice to gain experience are perpetrated/done against those (the victims) whose character has been revealed to be or shown to be, by their deeds, defective. This character is judged from a Satanic perspective”

“… Satanic acts … which involve victims, are done against those who have revealed themselves to be of defective character.”

A list of such defects in character include: “cowardice, treachery, sycophancy, fear, bullying, lack of self control …”

While all these Satanic rules and regulations may be just as repugnant as targeting minorities and disabled people, it is still qualitatively different that Roel van Leeuwen’s claims. It would have to be concluded that Roel van Leeuwen is unlikely to have undertaken any substantial preliminary research before proposing the thesis. It can only be surmised as to whether Marg Coldham-Fussell (as the religious studies aspect of the supervisors) had sufficient ability, knowledge, and insight to supervise a thesis on Satanism.

While the thesis proposal overall indicates that Roel van Leeuwen identified relevant and important areas for research, it would seem he dispensed with preliminary research before writing the proposal, and at some point increased his focus on a preconceived belief that Kerry Bolton is a neo-Nazi Satanist and went on to distort the facts and perhaps indulge in fantasy to create a tabloid quality piece worthy of the Weekly World News.

Satanism, The ONA, and Politics

October 19, 2008

It would seem I am correct in my brief analysis on the Order of Nine Angles and their political motivations and activities. The Dark Imperium website has a recent article, entitled ‘Satanism, The ONA, and Politics‘ commenting on the posting of mine (Satanism and Nazism – Part 4). The author on Dark Imperium writes: “Reproduced below is the text of most of an article, written by an anonymous author, about the Order of Nine Angles, which was published some days ago on another blog. The anonymous author makes some interesting and perceptive remarks about the ONA and politics, challenging what has become the seemingly accepted and “majority view” – among both Occultists, and others, who know of the ONA – that the ONA is a fascist organization and/or promotes fascism and/or National Socialism.”
I am guessing that by “interesting and perceptive remarks” the author is saying I am, at least partially, correct. I am somewhat surprised that the majority of authors, academics, and occultists make so many assumptions about the Order of Nine Angles, and get it wrong (at least partially) with regards to exactly what the ONA is, and promotes. Am I a genius? I don’t think so. I have only been researching this publicly available material for a couple of weeks, but it is fairly clear that the ONA is not inherently Nazi, Fascist or any other political orientation.

Starting with Conclusions

October 18, 2008

While researching the history of various Satanic organizations I came across a situation with some ominous parallels with Roel van Leeuwen’s thesis trying to prove a Satanic neo-Nazi synthesis relying mostly on documents from over a decade ago.

It would seem that a former member of the Order of Nine Angles, who left to pursue painting and music was the subject of attention from someone intent on “exposing” him, and proving that he was still a Satanic neo-Nazi. It primarily differs in that it is not a thesis, or very extensive, but it starts with similar premises and draws similar conclusions – well, it starts with a conclusion which the “researcher” unswervingly sets about “proving”.

A serious of postings entitled ‘Richard Moult/Christos Beest and Order of Nine Angles‘ appear on an internet forum. A person going by the name of “Charles Witton” starts out by stating “I am carrying out research into the Hitlerite/Occultist, Richard Moult (a.k.a. Christos Beest).” The conversations carries on with some supposed attempts at “researching” (which one would assume meant trying to discover facts and truth – but it seems whether academic or not, research these days means twisting of all information to fit a preconceived conclusion) but ultimately Mr Witton ends up stating, “I think you have told me enough to confirm that which I have been told by others- that Moult/Beest is still involved with both Occultists and Neo Nazis.”

However, reading the conversation there is no actual proof here. There is of course circumstantial evidence (why would the Order of Nine Angles distance themselves from Richard Moult?) however it is also equally plausible that what the ONA write about Mr Moult’s leaving and involvement with Christianity is genuine. There certainly doesn’t appear to be any proof or evidence of Mr Moult’s continuing involvement in the occult or in anything political.

Regardless, it is a big leap in faith to go from claiming to be researching a person, to revealing the “research” all just confirms your conclusion when in fact it is open to debate. There was no information revealed in the conversation that categorically proved that Mr. Moult still has involvements with ideologies he may have held a decade ago. The writings of the Order of Nine Angles clearly show that promotion of political ideologies don’t actually mean someone holds that beliefs, so even if it is correct that Mr Moult promoted neo-Nazi politics it does not mean he genuinely believed these things, but was doing so to learn something via adopting a particular ideology that is seen as unacceptable by mainstream society. The lesson may well include the fact that your past can hang around and haunt you.

Additional information can be found on the following pages:

Satanism and Nazism – Part 4

October 15, 2008

It seems a very strange that an ideology associated with “evil” should have so many apologists and defenders trying to differentiate between the “evils” of Satanism and the evils of neo-Nazism, and claim that the Order of Nine Angles are somehow “wrong” (genuinely evil) in their advocacy of actual evil deeds and ideologies.

However, even though the general focus on the Order of Nine Angles seems to be their links to racism and Fascism there is one important document that seems to be often overlooked. That is their teachings about Magick and Politics given in ONA and Anarchy I: Magick and Politics. Anton Long writes, “Of course, this analysis forms the core of ‘genuine anarchism’: but even this is a label, an ism – which has evolved into an ‘idea’ with all the dissent appropriate to an idea. Magick is a means away from all this – it is a practical system, devoid of dogma, and makes possible the next stage of our evolution as individuals. As such, it is direct opposition to all power-forms – governmental, religious or social – although this opposition is silent and will remain silent.” (footnote: “Silent as in ‘covert’ – at least in respect of the intention of the Initiate/Adept of the Sinister Tradition of the ONA. Understood magickally, politics, of whatever type, is one means, one form, used in a magickal way by an Initiate/Adept to bring about causal change in accord with the sinister intent of that Initiate/Adept, and in accord with intent of the Sinister Dialectic itself.”)

Aeonic Insight Roles backs up these claims where it is suggested that an adherent could “(1) Join or form a covert insurrectionary political organization – either of the so-called ‘extreme Left’ or of the ‘extreme Right’ – whose avowed aim is to undermine by practical, revolutionary, means the current Western status quo.” or “(4) Join or form an active anarchist organization or group dedicated to fighting the capitalist System.”

Now this leaves a situation where it is impossible to determine whether the ONA is ultimately fascist and simply trying to subvert Anarchist or Left-wing groups, or is it ultimately Anarchistic and tying to subvert neo-Nazi and Right-wing groups? Applying Occams Razor, the simplist solution is to accept that their teachings on using forms and insight roles are truthful, and that any -ism (essentially even “Satanism” itself) is only a step in a Left Hand Path approach to spiritual development. This may be difficult for many spiritually-minded people to accept, that learning through “evil deeds” and “diabolical tasks” could ever lead to enlightenment! But that is exactly what the Order of Nine Angles appear to be promoting – the creation of a new, enlightened, and liberated individual, unrestrained by dogma and -isms, whose destiny is to explore Space as a Galactic Civilisation.

If we suggest that the ONA are dedicated Nazis who will infiltrate all non-Nazi groups and institutions it would be virtually impossible to prove or disprove whether someone or something was linked to the ONA. An Anarchist or Anarchist group would have to be suspected of potentially being a ploy by the ONA to use their Satanic tactics to spread disruption. Under this thinking even Roel van Leeuwen could be a member of the ONA taking on a role (no pun intended) of disruption and opposition, and essentially being an archetypal accuser by blaming other people of being neo-Nazis. However, this is unlikely, as I am sure there would be more high-profile individuals in New Zealand who would make more appropriate and worthwhile targets for these kind of tactics.

Satanism and Nazism – Part 3

October 14, 2008

The Order of Nine Angles promote a form of Satanism that is a highly individualized quest that aims to create self-excellence and wisdom, by undertaking challenges that allow a person to transcend his physical and mental limits. They are often listed a neo-Nazi or Fascist Satanism. This claim of Fascism or neo-Nazism immediately seems contradictory when they are also described as promoting a highly individualized form of Satanism. It is therefore useful to look further at their system to see what their connection with Nazism actually is.

The document Aeonic Insight Roles suggests that an ONA adherent could “5) Join or form a National Socialist group or organization, and aid that organization, and especially aid and propagate “‘historical revisionism'”.

Aims of the ONA states that: “The championing, by the ONA, of such things as National Socialism, is part of the Sinister Dialectic – a means, one causal form limited to a certain causal time, not the essence of the ONA. Those who cannot understand the difference have totally misunderstood the essence of the ONA, and genuine sinister magick itself.”

ONA Strategy and Tactics details that “a Satanically inspired society could well be of a fascist/National Socialist type – i.e. this type of society would achieve or could achieve certain Satanic goals either directly or via the dialectic of change, and thus aid the ultimate goal: a New, Satanic, Aeon. Accordingly, such views and the organizations upholding them would be aided, mostly secretly. Esoterically, the creation of an Imperium by a charismatic individual (Vindex) would be aided both by magickal means, and more directly. Vindex would be a nexion for the dark forces. Essentially, NS type politics is considered as, at this moment of aeonic time, aiding the sinister dialectic, and an NS society as one of the first stages in changing evolution toward the sinister on a large scale. One of the primary goals of Imperium must be the conquest of Space.”

In Novus Ordo Seclorum: An Interview with Anton Long there is the statement that “This is one esoteric reason why such forms as National-Socialism are used in the case of America and Europe: because NS is one of the things those who uphold the old order fear and dread. One of the greatest fears of the cabal behind such things as the tyrannical (and mis-named) New World Order is a Vindex-type figure. Thus, this fear can be used against them.”

Perhaps the most important writing on the topic of neo-Nazism and Satanism by the Order of Nine Angles is given in Shadowscape: ONA Esoteric Notes XXI where they state the following: “The Knowing of Forms: As has been mentioned above, and elsewhere, many times: many non-Adepts, and even some Adepts, sometimes confuse a tactic, a form, for the essence. That is, they fail to appreciate what is being done, and why it is being done. Sometimes, non-Adepts even mistake an Insight Role – undertaken by an Initiate or even an Adept – for the ‘views’, or whatever, of that Initiate or Adept, and thus castigate that individual! Consider, also, the incitement to action, to disruption, to practical change, which occurs in many of the exoteric (3) ONA MSS, and which sometimes might take place in some Temple (Nexion) or some Sunedrion by such a thing as an individual giving an emotive speech. This individual may even be regarded, in the conventional sense, as ‘advanced’ (that is, beyond Adeptship) and thus may not be ‘expected’ (by non-Adepts) to still use such emotive rhetoric or such forms.”