Why Bother?

I was recently asked the question, “Why are you bothering to research a thesis and subject you have no real interest in?”

The answer is simple and yet complex. We all have motivations for our actions, some we don’t always readily understand. When I discovered the news articles about Roel van Leeuwen’s thesis being removed from the library shelves and Internet I was certainly curious about this apparent attack on academic freedom – something I champion. However, I am also a stickler for fairness and academic accuracy, so counter-claims of poor research and personal animosity certainly got my attention.

The subject of the thesis sounded compelling and unusual, an expose of a Satanic neo-Nazi group operating in New Zealand. This made me curious about such groups in New Zealand and I started my research, publishing it in the form of this website.

It didn’t take too long to find the “exposé” already produced by Mr Bolton, which seemed at odds with the claims in the media (attributed to Dov Bing and Roel van Leeuwen) that the thesis was well researched and contained nothing defamatory. Mr Bolton’s complaints seemed to clearly go beyond defamation and point at the poor standard of research which was accepted by Roel van Leeuwen’s supervisors, and by proxy the University of Waikato.

I stumbled across the video on YouTube suggesting that the thesis had been edited *after* it was published and a degree (with honours) confered on Roel van Leeuwen, and not long after copies of the original and edited thesis appeared back online.

I have therefore been able to begin to unravel this situation and through this process begin learning about the existence of Satanic groups and their philosophies (which seem to be incredibly varied, perhaps to the level that everyone holds their own opinion about what exactly Satanism is and what Satanists do and believe).

I wish to remain anonymous as I do not hold any of these philosophies and beliefs. I am not a Satanist or Pagan, nor politically minded with regards to Right-wing and Left-wing politics. I am not a revisionist, sympathizer, or apologist for either Satanism or neo-Nazism, or for Kerry Bolton.

I do enjoy conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, ufology, and the paranormal, and this thesis certainly seemed to suggest quite a conspiracy of synthesizing Satanism with neo-Nazism.

I have a background in research and assessment of research which leads to my curiosity about this “debate” as to whether Roel van Leeuwen’s thesis is well researched or whether it is to some degree misleading or poorly researched.

I encourage the readers of this website to check the facts for themselves, set aside their emotional reactions  to and preconceptions about the subjects and make up their own mind as to whether the facts and theories are true or false.


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